Data Visualisation Challenge 2021 – results

Data Visualisation Challenge 2021 was once again organised as a part of Geography Master’s level course Geospatial data management and visualisation. Four groups of students answered to two visualisation challenges provided by the Regional Council of South-West Finland.

Challenge 1: “Understanding interconnections between green environment and quality of life is essential and increasingly important since majority of people associate human well-being with the abundance, quality and accessibility of different green environments. The planners’ team at the Regional Council of SW Finland would like to start the regional review and planning work of green structures with evidence-based and innovative geovisualisations highlighting the green infrastructure and its potential life-quality related characteristics.”

Challenge 2: “In the corona year, distance was kept and a lot of time was spent at home telecommuting. As a result, there has been a debate that more and more people may need more squares and nature in their living environment. In order to understand better the changes in migration dynamics during COVID-19 pandemic, the planners’ team at the Regional Council of SW Finland would like to start a detailed analysis of inter-municipal migration patterns via geovisualisations that might shed light to the phenomenon.”

Groups formed a problem or research question related to the chosen challenge, searched and analysed relevant data to reach their goal, created a visualisation and pitched it to the challenge customers. Pitching the results forces students to form their presentation to an effective, dynamic and marketing-oriented way – which differs from the conventional presentation style of the academic world.

Now, the visualisations – enjoy!

Group 1: Spatial distribution of green spaces and ecosystem values (Winner #1)

Adam Tóth, Jenni Autere, Katri Väänänen, Veera Niemi

Group 2: Impact of Covid-19 to migration patterns in Finland (Winner #2)

Kyrone Celecia, Inka Jouhikainen, Tytti Tengström


Group 3: Impact of Covid-19 to migration patterns in Finland (Winner #2)

Hugo Lafond, Evelina Kuurne, Roosa Ruokonen


Group 4: Turku green areas

Lauri Aakko, Anton Kuukka, Henna Ylimaa